Montpellier, France 2014.

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  1. Coffee rituals and pictures rituals : ggod sides of life we can share.

  2. Sorry: good.

  3. Belle intimité d’un matin familier et ensoleillé (ou d’une soirée de bistrot?). La France comme un britannique sait l’aimer!

  4. @monsieur hr: yes, I love taking photos in the cafes and talking with the men and women I meet, french, english, etc. over a good cup of coffee…

    @FC : morning rituals…and even a New Yorker like myself can appreciate the great rich french coffee, croissant or brioche (sometimes both!) with friends, family, or alone with the daily paper…

  5. So, first U drink this, then U picture that
    As we used to say in France : Elle est pas belle la vie !
    I prefer the tree…

  6. Oups: un anglo saxon, of course!

  7. dear amb…i prefer the tree as well…but the coffee tastes better 🙂

  8. dear Francois…I admit, I was born in Brooklyn, New York. But, Papa was born in Romania. Maman was born in Cuba. I feel more at home here in France/europe than I did in New York.

  9. Je suis trop mauvais en anglais pour…mais j’aime la compo et l’éclairage de cette photo!

  10. Tout à fait d’accord avec François Cardi !

  11. Time here for the morning coffee ritual. The light on the jugs brim is quite inviting. So, an expresso with a glass of water please!

  12. … What else ? .. 🙂

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