Image taken in one of my favorite cafes, Montpellier, France. Begins as color. Changed to b&w via Lightroom and Philippe’s preset, Daido. Then many small adjustments.

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  1. J’aime beaucoup l’attention au journal, la lecture dans cette lumière du matin venant de la droite, le mouvement des cheveux blancs au premier plan, celui des cheveux noirs au second, la distance des âges qui va avec. Et puis d’une façon générale, l’ambiance bistrot: on a envie d’y aller prendre un café.

  2. Quelle ambiance, bravo, F

  3. Une ambiance très studieuse,matinale.

  4. Do U try with Ansel Light preset and very much adjustments ?

  5. Très belle ambiance et beaux jeux d’ombres

  6. sympa , envie de me poser dans ce bar paisible, avec une petite musique tien Claire Denamur “vagabonde” .

  7. I like the atmosphere! we can really feel that both women are marked with this place!!

  8. thank you, all, for your thoughts…i really love this cafe…

    Alain-Michel…i tried the ansel light to start but it is way too bright for me,…at least today…

  9. OK, it was just a kind of joke. In fact, I think that the point is to find the correct editing of each picture of his own : for instance, a very high contrast with the preset film 100 ISO; and a smooth pale grey with preset panchromatic film. Then finding the adjustments according to the interpretation and strength you want to give, without forcing the pixel… Memorize your own preset and maybe in a couple of year Philippe will provide a Morris Taub preset in the monthly photo magazine we all prefer !
    Come on, do not be shy of giving your advice on other people photograph’s too…

  10. beautiful atmosphere and light .
    see you

  11. Did I forget to tell I like the way you picture this morning coffee ritual and its adepts, drowned in their thoughts or works, softly enlighted, by some discreet sunbeam.

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