Woman buying magazines in the south of France. Montpellier, mars 2013. This was a raw file worked on in Lightroom 4.3. Daido preset that I then adjusted to what I felt was right for this image.

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  1. Franch way of life today ? Well done.

  2. French way of life; sorry

  3. Welcome Morris
    Don’t know anything about this Daido preset. B&W interpretation still such a presonnal approach. Maybe this one seems to me dark a little bit but lets wait for your next proposition 😉

  4. Je ne vais pas utiliser mon anglais, personne n’y comprendrait rien ! Mais je trouve le traitement un peu dur. C’est un traitement que vous aimez bien (souvent dans vos images sur votre site) mais ici, je le trouve excessif !

  5. @cbemol :Merci pour l’info

  6. Le traitement transforme le ‘banal’ de l’achat en ‘sensationnel’ du vol à l’étalage.

  7. I like this picture but did you really need to use a preset ?

  8. Bonjour Monsieur HR…merci…

    No ‘need’ to use a preset. I use presets in Lightroom as a beginning and adjust to what I feel I right for the final image. It’s a process. I have created many of my own presets. In this case I used one created by Philippe which tries to emulate the look and feel of Daido Moriyama.

    With digital, we use presets from the moment you click the camera shutter. The manufacturer has a ‘preset’ look for color and b&w. We can change that as we like in camera and then when transfering to our chosen software programs, all forms of ‘preset’. Not much different say than choosing tri-x or some other film before loading it into a camera. At least that’s my feeling about it.

  9. Habituellement j’aime beaucoup le flou de bougé…mais ici tout est flou, y compris le fond et cela n’apporte rien…contraste un peu dur également.

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